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Laura...I'm the brunette

Name: Laura (aka Suger, aka Shima-Chang, aka Frenchie, aka Vicky DeVil, aka The Tourettes Fairy, aka When, aka The Mascara Fariy...and other stuff)


Music: Miyavi, Scanch, Psycho Le Cemu, L'arc~en~Ciel, Gackt, hide, Hyde, Malice Mizer, HIM, CKY, Tenacious D, Elliott Smith, Lost Prophets, Gorillaz, Smashing Pumpkins, Kelly Osbourne, Say Anything, David Bowie, Crash Test Dummies, miscellaneous movie soundtracks

Dislikes: (It's a long list but you don't have to read ALL of it.) (jsyk[just so you know]-ppl=people) Insomnia, fat ppl wo wear clothes for skinny ppl, looking bad in pictures, Diet Coke/Diet Coke with lime, pop-up ads, 50 cent, ppl singing who SHOULDN'T, when you're watching a tv show and the volume is at a good level but the commercial comes on and it is loud like a ho, ppl that are smarter than me, HANGNAILS,having chipped/crooked teeth, brain freeze, ppl continuously clicking their pens, hangovers, wedgies, dry contacts, being dizzy, ppl trying to persuade me to believe in God, ppl treating gays/lesbians/bis/transgenders bad, acne, peely nails, being broke, being too young/old, Christmas, people who pop their gum multiple times in a row, overly dramatic people, faring, ppl who stop in the middle of the hallway, stupidity, not being listened to, stereotypes, people who talk to much, people who only talk about themselves, haters, brocolli, being fat, not being able to change being fat, laziness, not being able to do things, discrimination, being TOO cold/hot, chapped lips/not having any lip balm, being ugly, bad music (Bluegrass, rap, country, HEAVY metal, yodeling, bubblegum pop), bad breath...the list goes on and on 

Likes:  JRock, Japan, Asians, MIYAVI, Gothic Lolita fashion/magazine, Ville Valo, black eyeliner, Bam Margera, rainbows, Converses, England, Heartagrams, ppl with black/brown hair and blue eyes, Italians, accents, Halloween, CSI, The Nigtmare Before Christmas, having my nose pierced, Livejournal, wearing a skirt over jeans, DDR, Gardetos, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Stephen Trask/his music, Les Miserables, haircuts, CHERRY COKE AND CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS!!!, Green Day, harmony in music, Dairy Queen, HIM, Japanese culture, smoking, having red and blue in my hair, Moulin Rouge, sarcasm, OLD Nickelodeon, blood...don't ask, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, audience participation of The RHPS at the LeFont Theater in Little 5 Points, Little 5 Points in general, Good Will, Say Anything, the tattoo that Bam Margera and Ville Valo both have, CKY, safety pins, the British Flag, The Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods, english people, The Last Five Years, riding in trunks

Hobbies: Acting, whoring around LiveJournal and Myspace, looking at pictures of Asians, listening to JRock, learning the Romanji for Japanese songs so I can sing along cause I am a 633|<, playing DDR, skateboarding, singing, writing fan fics/writing other stuff, playing guitar/my bass!!, hanging with my bff, creating websites, playing Xbox (Grand Theft Auto, THPS 4 + Vice City, LOTR:TTT, Medal of Honor games)

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Elizabeth...the blonde (in her case it's NOT a bad thing)

Name: Elizabeth  (A.k.a: Lydia Rainey  A.k.a: Katrina Sands A.k.a: What A.k.a: a whole bunch of other things that I can't think of...)

Likes: Movies, old musical movies, action movies that aren't totally deviod of intelligence, horror movies, Japanese horror movies, b-rate movies, exploitation movies, cult movies, movies nobody else wants anything to do with, Tim Burton movies, Quentin Tarantino movies, Robert Rodriguez movies, Gore Verbinski movies, movies just for the sake of movies.  Drawing, writing, computers, other technology, wandering around with my video camera taping anything that sits still long enough, character acting in random places just for the hell of it, chinese food..........Did I mention movies?

Dislikes:  Stupidity, big loud groups of stupidity, Apathy. 

more stuff about me to come later...