Crazy Parental Situations.
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We all have it happen....sometimes out mothers and fathers say things that are really odd. Not that these aren't fun and interesting later....but they do suck at the time.


Elizabeth's parents...

Uncomfortable tales from the truck....Version 1.0:

I've noticed something about my family. If ever any odd/uncomfy conversation takes place, it generally happens riding in the truck. The most interesting ones, as the ones seen below, involve a parent's opinion about someone I think is hot. However, my parents generally don't know I think that. The best known tale of this sort was the infamous night my mother made the terribly interesting comment about the picture of Bam Margera that was my computer wallpaper at the time........

Mom: "I saw your computer background.."
Elizabeth: O_o "yeah...and.."
Mom: "....yeah..he's REAL sexy, till you wake up one morning to find a live alligator on your bedroom floor..." *laughs*
Dad: "What??!..." O_O *has no clue who or what we're talking about*
Mom: "it's her computer background..a picture of Bam Margera....lookin like he sayin 'I'm gonna sex you up!' or something"
all this time I'm sitting between my parents with a confused, embarassed look of 'oh shit' on my face...
Elizabeth: "god mom...he standing by a DUMPSTER..." o_o

Uncomfortable tales from the truck....Revisited:

Time tells us that everything goes in a cycle.....apparently this holds true in my family as well. Once again, the whole fam-damnly riding down the road in my father's work truck, I make the mistake of popping the From Dusk till Dawn soundtrack in the cd player. Of course, we start conversing. At first I'm overjoyed to talk about a movie I love so much.  Then, I tell my parents that I recently returned to the Gorillaz forums, one topic was about vampires...therefore it is applicable. I said I didn't really like vamps a whole heap anymore due to From Dusk till Dawn.  I told them how a few peeps were upset at my gained dislike toward the creatures. The conversation that followed went a little something like this:

Me: I'D STAKE EM!! *laughs*
Mom: Yeah. I mean, they're gonna suck your blood.....DUH.
Dad: *driving. Is listening to conversation, but not too hard.*
Me: *pushing my luck*...well..If it's Santanico we're talking about, I'd stake her on general principle. *nods*
Mom: *pauses, thinking about why I said that* ...Yeah. We can't have her killing off Quentin Tarantino *pause* or George Clooney. Don't kill the hot one.
We all laugh until the word "hot"....then long dead silence.
Me: *squirm*
Dad: *driving*
 Mom:  ........and I was refering to Clooney...
Me: Yes, yes.. I know. *personally, Would NOT have been refering to* 
shorter dead silence
Mom: *pondering..then decides to speak* Quentin is distinctive looking.........not exactly ugly.....but definitely odd-looking.
Me: *blinks*  'this always happens to me, doesn't it?' *quite perturbed*
Dad: *decides to chime in*  yep....he's very odd-looking.
Me: *holds breath* *bites tounge*
Mom: something about his facial shape....he's got that perfect "pervert" look.  *laughs*
Dad: *laughs*
Me:  *extremely perturbed* ¬-¬ .. >.> *still biting tounge*

That is the only time I have ever even had the thought of, "I'd kick your ass right now...", and it was directed at my mom.
=( That makes me feel bad now, I love my mom.

Laura's Parents.

Okay. So I was watching my Tenacious D Master Works dvd and they have performances on there. I was watching their appearance on Crank Yankers (as puppets) and my mom walks in. Okay, if you've seen that then you'll know that the puppets are naked. So, my mom walks in and just looks at the tv. Then, after it was over she says, "So, I loved the Jack Black puppet there. I loved how it was un-circumcized." o_o....0_0....>_>....X_X. WTF!? Why were you looking at Jack Black's (as a PUPPET) man-ness!?!?!?!? Why us?