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Laura on Elizabeth

Guys...She goes for the out-of-the-ordinary guys who are creative, weird and interesting looking.


Movies she likes...She will see a movie she likes and she will go crazy. She buys the soundtrack, every piece of merchandise ever made for that movie, replicas of the costumes from the movie...the whole package. She knows all the dialogue to the movie and she quotes it constantly AND she will dress up like a character from the movie and just walk around random places like the mall or wal-mart or something.


Style...Elizabeth's style is a mixture of tackyness (in a good way), punk, skater, Goth and anime-esque clothes all rolled up into one very interestingly dressed girl. She sports a lot of t-shirt for movies and bands that she's into. And like I said (above) she dresses like characters from movies lotsa times. Mainly, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill... : )


Writing style...Her writing style is totally unique in the fact that she adds her thoughts to it as she writes. The author's notes and emoticons amidst the paragraphs of well thought-out gestures and witty dialogue make her writing interesting and very humorous. I love how she doesn't follow correct grammatical and punctuation usages. Her writing is totally distinctive from anything I've ever read. And you won't EVER find any better writing from a 15 year old....well, 16 year old now.


What I don't like about her...That only thing that annoys me about Elizabeth is the fact that she puts up with me. I don't see how anyone tolerates my crap with a smile on their face the whole time. The only other thing I can think of that I don't like about her is the fact that her teeth are perfectly straight.*twitch*god. And the fact that she is skinnier than me (hence her nick name:less-fat.) but then again, just about everbody is skinnier than me. 


Elizabeth on.....

Laura's Taste in Guys: They're either really pretty or they're Jack Black...

Laura's Talented-ness: She's really creative, the only person who I can sit down with and we just start talking about crap, and we come up with a million great ideas. She's a great singer when she gives enough effort.  She has a good perspective for music. She can extremly fun and enthusiastic about stuff she's interested in.  

Laura's Style: Very distinctive....An odd mix of Wal-mart, Kelly Osbourne/Ville Valo and a drag queen, shoved into a blender put on puree for 12 hours. Sometimes a pinch of X-tina...just cuz she feels like it. Go Laura!  ^_^

Laura's Writing: Wow. I think that God gives eveyone gifts and abilities..........One that Laura got given is a fantastic ability to write material that fits perfectly in Playgirl. *laughs*  But, really, she's a great writer when she's in her element.  

Laura's Humor: Definitely the FUNNIEST person I've ever met. We'll just sit and laugh at practically nothing for hours, she makes stuff funnier, and more fun in general. .

Laura's Bad Habits: ...A little judgemental sometimes, but WAY better now than she was a couple of years ago. She's really fuckin' fickle with obseesions, lotsa celeb guys,  but that only bothers me if I feel like she kinda abuses a movie or something I really care about by only liking it for awhile.....that really gets to me for some reason....probably WAY more than it should.



I just went to look up the EXACT definition of "fickle" and what came up was SO accurate I was surprised. Okay: here's the definition: "Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious." That is EXACTLE me!!!!!