Hey bitch...yeah, I'm talking to YOU
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Welcome to this website of the strange, twisted, weird, interesting, intriguing...and so on and so forth or whatever you'd like to use to describe it.

This site may contain some "references" to some things and some "language" that may not be suitable for churens. If you is under 13 or object to any of the aforementioned things, then this website is definitly NOT for you. Viewer discretion is advised.

What did Snow White say when she walked out of the photo store?

Some day my prints will come.....X_x


The Webmisstresses...Did I spell that right? Here we are.....GoGo Yubari and The Bride...ah, goodtimes, goodtimes. But, YOU can call us Laura and Elizabeth



Je suis une tres grande pomme de terre!!


Got extra kids...sell 'em for cash!