Laura's crush-O-the-week!!!!!
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This weeks....well, more should be changed to "Laura's Crush of: whenever we get around to changing the site" 


Laura's newest infatuation, as of late, is from the Japanese film Suicide Club (Jisatsu Saakuru), and his name is Genesis.

(memo: He is the one in the chair, with the terribly shiny garment....Just in case you couldn't figure that one out by yourself.)   

EEEEE! ^_^. Genesis! I first became aware of Genesis/Rolly Teranishi when Elizabeth introduced me to the Japanese film Suicide Club. She rented it from Blockbuster and told me about it after she watched it. She told me beforehand that there was a Japanese version of Frank N Furter in it. Naturally, I was eager to see it. So, we watched the movie. As the movie played on, (and as you can probably gather from the title of the movie) I wondered to myself, “What in the hell does a Japanese Frank N Furter have to do with a movie about SUICIDE? His character doesn’t come into the movie until the end so I sat in antici…pation until that moment finally arrived, and there he was in all his sequin-y glory. Those 4” heels walked out, the camera panned up the sparkly black jumpsuit, and up to his blond hair and black rimmed, pastel green eyes. His scene played and I watched as he made it inescapably clear that this was HIS “pleasure room”. Elizabeth bought the unrated version, which I had never seen before. She finally showed it to me…and that just made me find him even more attractive. Added into the unrated version of this already amazing movie was his character stomping the ever-living crap out of, what can only be identified as a small animal of some sort in a pillowcase. My eyes almost popped out of me head and I shrieked with excitement. He then proceeded to sit in a chair in the style of Frank N Furter and then to sing an absolutely unnecessary song about “the dead”. There is not much information about him on the internet, and what there IS, is usually in Japanese, which we have found a way of translating, but that’s not the point…the point is, what Elizabeth and I find, we share and I treasure it more than it probably should be. And you know the odd thing…this is the kind of guy that I am usually attracted to but Elizabeth is usually attracted to a weird, psycho killer guy…and she likes him too. NOT EVEN as much as I do…but we both like him. That is unnecessary. (Below I have put some more pictures of him because I am lame and have no life.).....Elizabeth conclusion: violence + intelligence +oddness + power = hot..


Rolly as Frank...that makes me so god damned happy


God that's cool


I REALLY like his nose...I DON'T know why...his hair is cool too


I love pale guys...well, he LOOKS pale...that's close enough


I really like the look he has on his face in this picture





He's all furry...and what-not



I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck this is...Japanese Charlie's Angles and some random drag queen...well, he's not really a DRAG QUEEN per-say...I really don't know what he is...all I know is that this is odd O_o





Did you notice that he is wearing that black, sparkly jumpsuit in just about ever single picture of him? Coincidence? I think he REALLY likes that damn thing...I mean, I'm not complaining....I just find it odd...O_o...I do that a lot don't I? The something about "ODDNESS" and the this > O_o