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Here's some of our favorite links. And that's about it.


...this thing is stupid. If you click on a link, and it doesn't work....simply copy and paste the text of the URL from this page onto your address bar.

Go see them cause they're kewl.


Search Engines....these are here in case you don't know what the hell we're talking about. Ex. I'm not going to tell you who Tenacious D is...go look it up! Ex. If you don't know what "From Dusk Till Dawn" is, Elizabeth's not gonna tell you! Go look it up!
AltaVista You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
Lycos One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Yahoo! With over half a million sites divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.
InfoSeek GO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy to use place.

OUR Links

This is the site with Elizabeth's AWESOME story on it....which I am also in. Yah! Go read it bee-hatch!

Ville Valo Fanlisting

I make dollz frequently. This is the doll maker I use most.


I <3 HIM

pointlessly purple

It's purple.

Raito X L pairing Have you accepted Jesus Christ?.....(Unless you're a fan of Hedwig and the Angry Inch...don't click here!!)
Death Note fan

Group Hug...confession site. Oh my god this site is entertaining


Mo links is a commin.......later

Baby...the other OTHER white meat